Portable provides insight into the reason behind his altercation with Young Duu's manager.

Controversial singer, Portable explains the reason he and Young Duu’s manager has been seen fighting in a viral video. 

In a previously circulated viral video, the Zazoo crooner was captured engaging in a physical altercation with Young Duu's manager, the cause of which remained undisclosed.

The incident unfolded at an event where tensions escalated quickly. Portable has since clarified that the responsibility for the clash lies with Young Duu's manager, Kesh.

According to Portable, Young Duu's manager disrespected him with his approach. He alleged that Kesh addressed him in a manner suggesting an informal camaraderie by calling him 'oh boy.'

Emphasizing that he and Young Duu, along with their respective managers, are not friends but rather adversaries, Portable asserted that it is essential for them to maintain their respective boundaries.